Wisconsin CESAs

"CESAs hold the greatest promise, at this key moment in our history, to lead educational transformation."
- Gary Albrecht, CESA #2

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The Wisconsin CESA Statewide Network (CSN) is a cooperative effort of Wisconsin’s 12 CESAs. CESA is an abbreviation of Cooperative Educational Service Agency. Cooperative is in our name, and it is how we work. 

CESAs are regional venues for schools and other agencies that serve students. The CESA Statewide Network connects the 12 CESAs and helps deliver some services statewide.

We invite you to use this site to find information about the statewide educational services available to all schools in Wisconsin, to connect to any one of the 12 local CESAs of Wisconsin, and for the latest information about state and national educational issues that affect schools in Wisconsin.

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Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning

The CALL Program is now available statewide. Contact your local CESA, and ask for the local CALL expert.

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